Tokann is the Canadian wholesale cannabis marketplace designed for licensed producers, applicants and processors.

What We Do

Transactions Simplified

Need it now? Let us handle the transaction with the added security of our escrow service.

Source and Scale

Grow your business. Our centralized platform connects you to the largest network of cannabis producers in Canada.

Vetting and Verification

Members are vetted and verified. Still not sold? Use our rating and review system to decide which producers you do business with.

Why Participate?


Sell and source cannabis from other producers and processors through one centralized platform.


Sourcing made simple. Conveniently find genetics and supplies under one roof with one secure transaction.


Integrate into licensed supply chains and gain access to the largest variety of starting materials.

Looking to Sell?

Looking to Buy?

Get Discovered

We funnel traffic to your store. Let the largest network of industry professionals access your products instantly.

Save Time

Allow your customizable storefront to do your selling for you.

Simplify Your Processes

Our turnkey e-commerce solution makes order and payment processing as easy as pushing a button.

Access The Industry

We give you access to the largest variety of genetics, flowers and extracts in Canada today.

Payments Made Easy

Make one simple payment when ordering from multiple producers.

Stay Organized

We help you manage and track your invoices, orders and payments on one platform.